Sometimes I’m a little too organized for my own good. Having done a number of elections and knowing how much the pace picks up as the official election start date of October 24th gets closer—yes all you keeners the election hasn’t started yet—I knew I should get my brochures and signs in to the print shop in good time, so I did it earlier than usual. Probably not the best decision I have made in my life.

In my haste to be organized and ahead of the game I did not take note that Riverside Elementary is no longer a polling station, as it has been replaced with Hammond Elementary. Well that is, not until I had my 20,000 brochures printed with Riverside prominently displayed on the list of polling stations for voter convenience.

So here’s the deal. I now need 20 of my closest friends to each stick teeny, tiny Hammond stickers on 1000 brochures—each can have a glass of wine to celebrate after their mission is completed, as I want them on straight—or I do as my first friend I asked suggested and find 1000 people to do 20 each. I obviously need more sympathetic friends.

By the way, I have no statistic or relevant Maple Ridge information with this blog, just a reminder that laughter is the best medicine when faced with trivial hardship and it is where we strive to get back to after a tragedy.