My walking partner, Ruby, and I headed out on what may have been one of the last beautiful summer weather days—on officially the 3rd day of autumn. Only in BC can you chance keeping your shorts and t-shirts close at hand up to and beyond Thanksgiving. Now I know this isn’t news to you, but because my relatives in Alberta will read this, I like to take every opportunity to rub it in. However, what I passed on my travels from the west side of Maple Ridge to the downtown area may interest you.

My first leg is the picturesque stretch aptly named, Shady Lane, nestled between Laity and 216th along 124th. Right now it is not as picturesque, since it is getting sidewalks on the north side and drainage improvements. As well, there are discussions with the neighbours about potential traffic calming, due to the unfortunate speeds that cars travel along this stretch. One needs to be alert when walking this stretch.

The next section that catches my eye is the corner of 222nd and Brown, which is currently getting a facelift on all fronts—a new neighbourhood park on the west side of 222nd; a new supportive housing project is underway on the northeast; and a townhouse application is scheduled to come on line soon for the southeast corner.

Next, carrying on up to Lougheed, we approach the new condominiums being built on the south corner of 223rd. A site that has sat vacant, since Mayor Daykin’s grandparents’ younger days—a long time, I know. Eastward on Lougheed, Thrifty Foods is underway, giving the much needed facelift to Haney Place Mall to match the lift at 224th and Lougheed. And just a stone throws away, north on 226th, a large area has been cleared of houses that had become an eyesore to the downtown. At this point, my walking partner’s tongue is hanging out. Did I mention Ruby was a dog? Who else would indulge my obsession with walking throughout our community revelling at the progress that is occurring and the platitudes that I sing? Seriously, I know the answer—no one.

By the way, did you know that we presently have 1700 residential units in progress, either at the application or construction stage for the downtown core?